Heating and air conditioning products

Goodman System


We carry Goodman furnaces and air conditioners for all your heating and cooling needs. They are made in the US  with a 10 year part warranty, this system is an 96 % efficient furnace 13 seer air-conditioning unit, indoor coil. 

Goodman heat pump system and electric furnace


Electric furnaces are expensive to run so it's always good to use a high-efficiency heat pump with your electric furnace.

Whole home bypass humidifiers, high efficiency forced air humidifiers/steam


Whole home bypass humidifiers are great if you have severe allergies or nosebleeds from dry sinuses, dry skin. Also a must have if you have expensive hardwood floors to keep them from cracking during the dry effect of heating with a high-efficiency furnace that removes moisture from the air. We also carry these in the forced air steam variety high-efficiency.

efficiency furnace that removes moisture from the air.

Whole home dehumidifiers


These are commonly used the most in homes that were built on a slab where the ductwork is underground in concrete and moisture builds within the ductwork and running the air conditioner that also works as a dehumidifier just can't get enough humidity out of the air during the summer. You will know if you need this product if the air feels humid or moldy walls is seen frequently.

Whole home air filtration


We carry a complete line of filters and specialized filter racks, electronic charcoal filters , space guards, HEPA filter systems, etc. etc. we will find the right filter system for you according to your needs for your home heating and air-conditioning system and the health needs of your family.

Honeywell thermostats programmable/non-programmable Wi-Fi capability


We offer a complete line of thermostats from programmable/ nonprogrammable, Wi-Fi capability, touchscreen, wireless Wi-Fi networking hubs you can change the temperature from anywhere in the world from your smart phone. We carry them in any configuration you can think of to meet your heating and air-conditioning needs..

Ductless mni split ( heating and air-conditioning system)


These are used like on new room additions, enclosed patios where duct work cannot be installed. These systems are designed to heat and cool and are high-efficiency.

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